Mahashankh Bati

Mahashankh BatiShankh means the natural shells found in the sea. Therefore Mahashankh Bati from the store of Shree Baidyanath group contains powdered form of shells that are quite beneficial for the human body in multiple ways. It is especially beneficial for the stomach and hence aids in promoting normal functions and good health of the same in a natural way.

What are the chief uses of Mahashankh Bati?

Baidyanath Mahashankh Bati is used as a carminative so as to soothe down discomfort caused in the stomach due to acidity, gas etc.

It also helps in getting rid of spasms in the stomach due to antispasmodic properties contained in this wonderful herbal remedy.

Similarly, antacid effect exhibited by this wonderful remedy helps in getting rid of acidity and hyperacidity.

Mahashankh Bati can also be used as a very good remedy for various digestive issues such as diarrhoea, dyspepsia and anorexia.

It helps in complete and proper digestion of the foods consumed by the body so that no problems may arise in the process of digestion of the foods.

What are the constituents?

Well, Mahashankh Bati is rich in following ingredients.

  1. Shankh Bhasma
  2. Chitrakmool
  3. Panch Lawan
  4. Trikatu
  5. Hing
  6. Kajjali
  7. Borax
  8. Pipalmool

For most of the digestive issues,3 to 4 pills of Mahashankh Bati may be taken with warm water in a day.

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