Mahatikta ghrita

Mahatikta ghrita

Skin is the outermost layer of human body as well as other livings. The skin of human beings is comparatively sensitive and delicate as compared to other living beings. That is why it requires utmost care. At the same time, it is also true that skin is prone to suffer from numerous problems as it is the most exposed part of the body. To manage all such skin issues, you may use an herbal preparation called as Baidyanath Mahatikta ghrita. It contains such ingredients that are helpful in promoting normal skin functions.

What are the active constituents?

The major herbal or ayurvedic components of skin include Sariva, Patol, Satavar, Kutaki, Akanadi, Pittapapra, Patha and Mustak. Additionally, ghrit is also used in combination with some other bitter herbal tonics to get the desired product.

What are the major uses of Mahatikta ghrita?

Baidyanath Mahatikta ghrita is a bitter tonic that proves to be quite useful for the skin.

It detoxifies the skin so as to remove all the harmful elements and wastes.

It is an alterative that paces up healing of various skin problems.

Leprosy which is a serious skin issue can be treated very well using Mahatikta ghrita.

Apart from this, other skin diseases and disorders may also be eradicated in an apt manner.

 Mode of using

It is recommended to take 6-12gms of Mahatikta ghrita with warm milk or water..

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