Mahatriphala Ghrita

Mahatriphala Ghrita

Baidyanath Mahatriphala Ghrita is a wonderful combination of various herbal ingredients with Triphala as its chief constituting agent. It offers all the benefits that are offered by original Triphala and hence quite useful as far as overall health of eyes is concerned. Owing to its herbal origin, it is totally safe for the eyes in all respects. The major components contained in Mahatriphala Ghrita are Triphala, Vasak, Bhringraj, Mulethi, Satavar, Giloy, Nilophar, Goat Milk etc. All these promote overall health of the eyes in their individual ways.

Various uses of Mahatriphala Ghrita

Mahatriphala Ghrita is used in curing various types of eyes problems.

It offers complete nourishment to the eyes for their most optimal functions.

The vision is improved to great extent.

  1. Any type of pain, inflammation, redness and irritation in the eyes is relieved well.
  2. It helps in control of glaucoma and cataract by retaining normal eye vision.
  3. The eye muscles are strengthened so as to remain vision intact even in old age.
  4. It is equally beneficial for the skin and helps in getting rid of dryness.
How to take?

In most of the cases, 3 to 12gms of Mahatriphala Ghrita is advised to be taken with milk two times in a day.

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