Makardhwaj Bati

makardhwaj-batiIndicated by the name, Makardhwaj Bati that is an amazing product from the store of Shree Baidyanath group is rich in Makardhawaj content. It is mainly used to get rid of physical, mental as well as sexual weakness. This feature makes Makardhwaj Bati apt for elderly people as well as such youngsters who lack physical energy due to varying reasons. This herbal product is useful for human body in below-mentioned ways.

Makardhwaj Bati can be used in the form of an alterative tonic so that the course of illness of any type may be altered. This in turn paves the way for faster recovery.

It stimulates various parts and organs of the body for their most optimal functions. In this respect, it aids in normalizing almost all the body functions.

It may be used by those who complain of tiredness, weakness and exhaustion more often.

It is particularly recommendable for elderly as they may enjoy physical stamina even during this phase of life.

Makardhwaj Bati can be used in case of sexual weakness also. It helps in strengthening of the sexual organs.

It can even be used in the treatment and prevention of certain cardiac diseases.

Similarly, asthmatic attacks may be controlled and prevented.


Makardhwaj Bati contains Nutmeg, Marich, Makardhwaj, Camphor, Clove, and Amber.

Mode of administration

 You may take one pill of this product with honey or as per prescription of the doctor.

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