Mandoor Bhasma

Mandoor BhasmaThere are numerous health problems that are related to one of the most important components of human body i.e. blood. At the same time, it is also true that blood should be ensured of its normal and most optimal functions as it is the main functional unit of body. It is because all the nutrients as well as oxygen are supplied to various body parts and organs only through blood. To manage varying health issues related to the blood, use of Baidyanath Mandoor Bhasma is recommendable. It is rich in reduced iron content that is considered to be quite important for blood.


Mandoor Bhasma can be used as a haematinic and hence aids in promoting and supporting normal as well as most optimal functions of the blood.

  1. It helps in making up for deficiency of iron in the body so that the problem of anaemia may be managed well.
  2. It is useful for such children who suffer from rickets.
  3. People suffering from jaundice can also use this product.
  4. Similarly, Mandoor Bhasma is suggested in case of Oedema and Chlorosis too.

Mode of using Mandoor Bhasma

People suffering from different health issues may take 250 to 750 mg of Mandoor Bhasma with honey.

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