From times unknown, Manjistha herb is being used to promote overall good health of the human body. It is also called as Indian Madder and aids in purification or detoxification of blood. This action is useful for skin as well as for numerous conditions in the body that may arise only due to toxicity of the blood. It normalizes blood pressure and hence good for heart too. Owing to so many benefits of this wonderful herb, it is used in the formulation of Himalaya Manjistha capsules.

What are the major uses of Manjistha capsules?

  1. It purifies blood so as to promote overall good health of the body.
  2. The skin is assured of its safety due to blood detoxification.
  3. It normalizes menstrual flow in women.
  4. It is good for health of the gums too.
  5. It clears skin of unwanted marks or dark spots.
  6. It improves skin complexion as well.
  7. It normalizes blood pressure as well by regulation of blood flow through the arteries.
  8. It helps in promoting good health of the urinary tract as well by removal of all types of toxins and microbes from the body.
  9. The vital organs of the body such as liver, pancreas, heart and kidneys are also assured of their good health and normal functions by purification of blood.

Mode of using

Take one capsule of Manjistha two times in a day following meals to have the desired results.

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