Marichyadi Bati

Marichyadi BatiBaidyanath Marichyadi Bati is among those products that are meant to cure various digestive disorders such as acidity, gaseousness, indigestion, heart burn etc. It aids in normalizing the functions of the entire digestive system for its good health. No harm is caused to the body in any way using this product as it is absolutely herbal or organic in nature.

What it contains?

Well, Marichyadi Bati contains multiple herbal or ayurvedic ingredients as mentioned below.

  • Marich
  • Anar Chhilka
  • Jaggery
  • Pipal
  • Yawakshar

Major benefits

a. Marichyadi Bati is beneficial for the human body in multiple ways as given below.

b. It acts as an antacid and hence manages the problem of acidity and the associated symptoms well. It soothes down the stomach and hence offers great relief to the sufferer.

c. It stimulates digestive enzymes and juices to perform their respective tasks well.

d. It acts as a diuretic and hence aids in secretion of wastes out of the body.

e. It may be used in case of dyspepsia too.

f. Heart burn which is a common symptom of indigestion can also be treated in an apt way.

g. It also exhibits strong expectorant properties which help in treatment of cough as well.

How to use?

People suffering from different health issues are advised to take one pill of Marichyadi Bati six times in a day.

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