Mayur Chandrika Bhasma

Mayur Chandrika Bhasma

As the name suggests, Baidyanath Mayur Chandrika Bhasma has been formulated using peacock feathers. It is because feathers of peacock are known to rich in certain components or properties that are beneficial in promoting overall body functions and its good health in a natural and safe way. That is why these are being used in the preparation of herbal medicines from times unknown.

What are the uses of Mayur Chandrika Bhasma?

Baidyanath Mayur Chandrika Bhasma can be used as an anti-spasmodic so as to get relieved of spasms in the body or any of its parts.

It can be used to get relieved of nausea and vomiting due to antiemetic properties contained in this wonderful herbal product.

Mayur Chandrika Bhasma is important in case of urinary disorders too. It helps in getting rid of urinary tract infections or such other commonly experienced issues.

General body weakness that may be caused due to any reasons such as illness, nutritional deficiencies or wrong habits may be managed very well.

Various gynaecological problems faced by women in routine life can also be well-treated using Mayur Chandrika Bhasma.


Anyone suffering from different types of health issues may take250 mg of Mayur Chandrika Bhasma with honey.

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