menosanHimalaya Menosan is an amalgamation of wonderful herbs or other naturally occurring ingredients that are meant to offer relief from the signs and symptoms of menopause. It is in fact a wonderful alternative to hormone replacement therapy. In this regard, this product proves to be safe in all respects for women.


It is rich in Zahar Mohra bhasma, Ashoka tree, Kukkutandatvak, Asparagus, Haritaki, Licorice, Country Mallow etc.


  1. It is quite useful for women at the stage of menopause.
  2. It helps in relieving all the discomforts associated with menopause.
  3. It helps in regulation and maintenance of hormonal balance in the women’s body.
  4. It helps in getting rid of the various health issues that are faced by women during menopause. The chief health issues are irritable behaviour, sleeplessness, mood swings, hot flashes etc.
  5. It optimizes the functions of the uterus and other reproductive organs.
  6. It helps in inducing sleep in women in a natural way during menopause.

How to use?

Women passing through the stage of menopause are advised to take 1-2 capsules of this wonderful herbal remedy two times in a day following meals. It may be taken continuously for several weeks without experiencing any side-effects.

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