Mentat Tablets

mentatMillions of persons suffer from weakened memory and other brain disorders. Many of them take conventional types of medicines few of which often result in side effects. Mentat Tablets, the unique formulation facilitated by Himalaya; the prominent Indian concern work wonders.

Ingredients – Available in packs of sixty tablets each; Himalaya Mentat Tablets are prepared with the following ingredients:

  1. Ashwagandha, i.e. Winter Cherry – Enriched with Withanolides; this famous and old age herb helps in managing depression and anxiety. It rejuvenates the brain and reduces oxidative stress.
  2. Madhukaparni, i.e. Indian Pennywort – The antiepileptic features of this ingredient help in balancing the amino acid levels and fighting depression in a big way.
  3. Brahmi, i.e. Thyme-Leaved Gratiola – It helps to enhance memory and maintain cognitive function to much extent. It acts like a strong fighter against mental problems and restlessness.

Benefits – Himalaya Mentat Tablets help to treat neurological disorders. Level of tribulin is reduced in a big way with this medicine that manages convulsions and insomnia. Those suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzhiemer’s disease are advised to use this medicine that is useful for post-stroke aphasia and epilepsy too. Behavioral disorders including aggression, temper tantrums and hyperkinetic state etc are also managed to much extent. Anyone challenged with senile dementia, mental fatigue and mental retardation etc must try Himalaya Mentat Tablets.

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