Moti Bhasma

baidyanath-moti-bhasma1Moti means pure pearl in Indian language. It implies Moti Bhasma that has been presented by the renowned Shree Baidyanath group has been prepared from the pure pearls found in the nature. Additionally, Ghritkumari Rasa has also been used so as to enhance the effect of this wonderful remedy on the overall health of human body. Owing to use of only herbal ingredients, it is totally assured of its safety for the users.

Chief benefits of using Moti Bhasma

Baidyanath Moti Bhasma is a very good antacid and hence it is helpful in getting rid of acidity and such other discomforts from the stomach.

It is even useful in insomnia. The sedative properties present in this wonderful herbal preparation help in inducing sleep naturally.

It is a very good nervine tonic.

It helps in promoting growth and development in children by providing the requisite nutrition

It can be used by asthma patients to get rid of cough and the associated symptoms.

It aids in early and faster recovery from any types of illness.

It is equally useful in case of Phthisis.

Recommendable dose

It is advised to take 65 to 130 mg of Moti Bhasma with honey to get rid of various health issues.


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