Muktadi Bati

Muktadi Bati

Good health of children is quite important for their overall growth and development. It is because children can grow fully well when they are fit in all respects. However, it is equally true that children suffer from numerous problems related to different parts of their body. There are some common as well as serious health problems. To manage and prevent occurrence of all health issues, Baidyanath Muktadi Bati may be used. It is an herbal product that is meant to benefit children in terms of their good health. It may be used as under.

Baidyanath Muktadi Bati may be used to recover from any types of illness or diseases due to alterative properties contained in this amazing formula.

It is a complete tonic for the entire body of children.

Fever, cough, cold etc. can be managed well.

It is recommendable to be used for Rickets.

Constipation which is commonly found in children can also be got ridden of in an effective way.

Normal digestion may be ensured in children with the use of this product.

Constituting agents

It contains Kamal Keshear, Rose Flower, Silver Leaves, Nagkeshar, Moti Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Saffron, Godanti Bhasma etc.

Mode of administration

Children may be given 1 to 2 pills of Muktadi Bati with milk.

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