Narayan Churna

Narayan Churna

Among various products presented by the Shree Baidyanathh store, Baidyanath Narayan Churna is among such products that help in promoting good health of the different body parts and organs in a purely natural and safe. Prepared from an amalgamation of different types of herbal constituents, Narayan Churna is apt in getting rid of health issues related to the stomach, liver etc. The major elements contained in this wonderful herbal remedy include Dantimool, Bidang, Triphala, Trikatu, Nishoth, Jira, five Salt, Chitrak, Bach, Kut , Pipalmool etc. All these are known for their health benefits for different body parts.

Advantages of Narayan Churna

Baidyanath Narayan Churna acts as a mild laxative and hence useful in getting rid of constipation. The purgative action exhibited by this remedy also aid in accomplishing this task well.

The carminative action of Narayan Churna offers effective relief from the discomfort caused due to acidity, gas etc.

It is equally useful in case of jaundice. It normalizes liver functions.

It can be used to compensate for iron deficiency in the body which in turn proves to be useful for those who are anaemic.

It can even be used to treat and prevent fistula.

Mode of using

You have to take 3 to 6 gm of Narayan Churna with warm water.

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