Nawayas lauh

Nawayas lauhBaidyanath Nawayas lauh is an amazing herbal product that helps in promoting overall health of the body. It stimulates formation of blood cells which in turn aids in numerous functions related to different parts and organs of the body. It is rich in multiple properties or other compounds that are useful for the body in different ways.


Baidyanath Nawayas lauh contains naturally occurring ingredients such as Nagar Motha, Trikatu, Chitrakmool,
Trifala, Vidanga and Lauha Bhasma.

What are the health benefits of using Nawayas lauh?

a. Baidyanath Nawayas lauh acts as a tonic for the entire body and hence it aids in promoting overall general health of the body naturally.

b. It exhibits haematinic properties that are helpful in production of blood cells required for various body functions.

c. It is quite useful in anaemia as it supplies apt amount of iron to the body. It relieves all the signs and symptoms associated with this health condition.

d. Phthisis can also be well treated using Nawayas lauh.

e. Nawayas lauh proves to be quite effective in case of various disorders related to the liver and spleen. It helps in treatment and prevention of the same.

f. It helps in rejuvenation of the entire body and hence aids in getting rid of general body weakness.

How to use?

Generally, 1 to 2 tablets of Nawayas lauh are recommended to be taken with honey two times in a day.

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