Paradantak lauh

Paradantak lauhWomen suffer from numerous health issues related to their gynaecological system. It is due to hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. All these problems are chiefly associated with the menstrual cycles and hence interfere with normal reproduction as well. Therefore it is quite important to manage all such issues well-in-time using some safe remedy. Baidyanath Paradantak lauh is apt in this task. It is a multi-tasking formula.

Major components

Baidyanath Paradantak lauh Vanga Bhasma, Harital , Tamra Bhasma, Laugh Bhasma, Trikatu etc.

Uses of Paradantak lauh

a. Baidyanath Paradantak lauh helps in treatment of menorrhagia. It helps in controlling blood flow during menstrual cycles.

b. Similarly, it is equally effective in the treatment of leucorrhoea. It helps in stopping vaginal flow as well as offers relief from all the associated signs and symptoms.

c. Dysmenorrhoea which is again common among women is also treated effectively.

d. It helps in treatment of anaemia as it is a very good source of iron for the body.

e. Low back pain that is quite common in women can also be relieved efficiently using this wonderful product.

f. Lumbar spondylosis can also be managed very well using this product.

How to use?

You may take 375 to 500 mgs with honey.

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