Pilex Ointment

pilex-ointment-himalayaSwollen or inflamed veins around the anus or on the lower rectum; known as piles are caused because of enhanced pressure on the blood vessels. Piles cause painful sensations and affect not only the aged persons but others too. Also called as hemorrhoids, piles are of two types, i.e. internal and external. Piles may be a hereditary problem or caused due to disordered bowel function, chronic constipation, aging or diarrhea etc. Excessive intake of spicy food, prawns or chicken may result in piles. Pain, bleeding, protruding mass and discharge of mucus are the major symptoms of piles.

While various medicines are available for piles; Himalaya Herbals, the prominent Indian company has come up with Pilex Ointment. It helps to get rid of piles in fast manners.

Pilex Ointment is beneficial as under:

  1. This herbal ointment helps to say NO to piles in natural manners.
  2. Mucous membrane disorder is got rid of.
  3. It helps to decrease the engorgement and turgidity of the venous capillaries and the veins too.
  4. It contributes greatly in providing facilitator function in hepatic disorders associated with venous congestion.
  5. The anti-inflammatory and anti-infective features of this wonderful ointment check inflammation and discourage infection.
  6. Rapid healing of piles is possible with this ointment.
  7. Bleeding because of piles can be controlled in a big way.
  8. The pile mass is shrunk to great extent with this ointment that helps to calm the inflamed skin.
  9. Smooth removal of feces is possible with this unique ointment.

A wonderful treatment of piles; Pilex Ointment has become much popular amongst the sufferers across the globe.

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