Pilex Tablets

pilex_himalaya_tabletsKnown as hemorrhoids; piles may be termed as inflamed or swollen veins around the lower rectum or around the anus. Increased pressure on the blood vessels results to this horrible problem. All age groups and both sexes are prone to this harmful ailment. People suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids that occur because of acute constipation, irregular bowl functioning, diarrhea and aging etc. Those in the habit of taking spicy foods, chicken or prawns etc are liable to fall victim to this disease. People suffering from protruding mass, bleeding, pain and mucus discharge are said to be patients of piles.

Himalaya Herbals has introduced Pilex Tablets that are one of the best remedies to treat piles in fast and positive manners. Contents of Zinc Calx, i.e. Yashad Bhasma in these tablets help in getting rid of wounds. Likewise the styptic and astringent features of the Sensitive Plant, i.e. Lajjalu contained in Pilex Tablets help to control bleeding.

Advantages – Pilex Tablets are useful as under:

  1. Pile mass is shrunk in a big way with these unique tablets.
  2. Inflamed skin and mucus membrane is checked in fast and positive manners.
  3. Rectal bleeding is got rid of in a big way with these tablets.
  4. Those suffering from itchiness, pain and chronic constipation must try Pilex Tablets by Himalaya Herbals.
  5. Pain-free fecal excretion is possible with Pilex Tablets that are enriched with local analgesic features.
  6. These tablets act as antimicrobial agents and prevent secondary microbial infections in our physique.
  7. Anal fissures and pregnancy-induced hemorrhoids are managed in feasible manners with these tablets.

Dosage and storage – These tablets must be kept in cool and dry place. Physician may be consulted for its dosage.

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