Pranda gutika

Pranda gutika

Blood is one of the chief components of human body. It is in fact vital to life of a person. It is because blood aids in supply of oxygen and nutrients to all the parts and organs of the body. Unfortunately, blood suffers from numerous diseases or disorders which in turn have an adverse effect on the overall body health. All such conditions may be cured and prevented using Baidyanath Pranda gutika. It helps in promoting good health of the body by regulation of blood functions.

What it contains?

Pranda gutika is rich in below-mentioned ingredients.

  1. Pipalmool
  2. Trikatu
  3. Jaggery
  4. Chavya
  5. Chaturjat
  6. Talispatra

What are the chief benefits of using Pranda gutika?

Pranda gutika is an effective ayurvedic remedy for most of the blood disorders. It helps in regulation of blood flow to various body parts and organs which in turn ensure normal and most optimal functions of the entire body.

  1. It helps in making up for deficiency of iron in the blood and hence cures anaemia.
  1. It is equally effective in case of piles too. All the signs and symptoms associated with piles are relieved in an effective way using this wonderful herbal remedy.


It is advisable to take one pill of this herbal formulation prior to meals to have the desired results.

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