Prawal Bhasma

Prawal Bhasma

Baidyanath Prawal Bhasma is an effective herbal preparation that can be used to treat and prevent different types of problems faced by human body in routine life. As the name suggests, it has been prepared from Prawal or what is better known as Coral. That is why it is absolutely assured of its safety for the users. Coral is known for certain properties or compounds that are helpful in promoting overall health of the users in multiple ways.

What are the major benefits?

The antacid properties contained in Prawal Bhasma help in relieving acidity, hyperacidity and the associated symptoms.

It is even useful for those who suffer from cough more often. The airways are cleared of any obstructions caused due to mucus deposition which in turn aids in easy breathing.

Prawal Bhasma is known to have a very good effect in treatment of Phthisis and Scrofulous Affections.

Problem of night fall or Spermotorrhoea in men may also be got ridden of efficiently.

Pulmonary Haemorrhage can be cured well. It also ensures prevention of the same.

People suffering from deficiency of calcium in their bodies due to any reasons are advised to use Prawal Bhasma and enjoy good health.


Mostly, 125 to 750 mg of Prawal Bhasma is recommended to be taken with honey.

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