Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz

pudin_hara_lem_fizzWe more often suffer from the problem of stomach acidity and gas. It may be due to varying reasons such as intake of excessively spicy, heavy or indigestible foods. Even constipation or use of certain drugs or medicines may also give rise to this condition. Although gas and acidity are considered common problems in medical science however these may make a person completely restless. If you also suffer from stomach gas and acidity in routine life, then you may consider using Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz. It is a wonderful product that offers instant relief from such digestive issues.


As the name suggests, Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz is rich in pudina and lemon. Both these are known for their positive and soothing effect on the stomach and hence used for treatment of such digestive issues from times unknown.

How to use?

Just dissolve a teaspoon of Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz in a glass of water and drink the same. You will get the results within few minutes.


  • Combination of lemon and pudina in this superb herbal remedy offers a soothing effect to the stomach.
  • The burning sensation in the stomach due to acidity is relieved in an efficient way with the help of this product.

Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz is a perfect solution for the problem of stomach acidity and gas. It must be kept at home to be used whenever required.

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