Punarnawadi Guggulu

Punarnawadi GugguluLike intake of foods is essential for good health and normal functions of the entire body similarly detoxification of the body is equally important. It is because the normal body functions get affected in an adverse manner due to accumulation of toxins in the body. To prevent such a condition and promote good health of the skin, liver and kidneys, Baidyanath Punarnawadi Guggulu may be used. It is a fantastic product that has been enriched with goodness of some of the selected herbs found in the nature.

What it contains?

It contains Harre, Guduchi, Punarnawa, Daruhaldi, and Guggulu.

Healing effects offered by Punarnawadi Guggulu

a. Baidyanath Punarnawadi Guggulu is chiefly used to detoxify the entire body so as to remove all toxins, wastes and harmful chemicals from it. This in turn assures normal and most optimal functions of the different body parts and organs.

b. It is very effective in getting rid of kidney stones. It is in fact a pain-free manner of stone removal.

c. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in this herbal formula help in offering various types of inflammatory conditions of the body such as rheumatism.

d. It is equally good for skin diseases as it purifies the blood.

e. It helps in rejuvenation of the body as to get rid of lethargies.

Mode of using
The recommendable dose of Punarnawadi Guggulu is 0.4 to 1.5gms.

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