Punarnawadi mandoor

Punarnawadi mandoorBaidyanath Punarnawadi Mandoor is a magical presentation by Shree Baidyanath group. It aims at curing multiple health issues related to the human body in a safe way without causing any harmful effects or side-effects. It is beneficial for different body parts and organs and helps in promoting their good health.

What are the chief constituting agents?
Baidyanath Punarnawadi mandoor has been prepared using some of the most excellent herbal ingredients found in the nature as mentioned below.

 Punarnava
 Vidang
 Deodar
 Chitrakmool
 Nishoth
 Trikatu
 Pushkermool
 Trifala
 Mandoor Bhasma
 Haridra
 Motha
Remedial effects
a. Baidyanath Punarnawadi mandoor helps in complete detoxification of the body. It aids in removal of wastes from the body through its diuretic action.

b. The cholesterol level in the blood is reduced and then normalized.

c. It is a very good cure for renal failure.

d. Fluid accumulation in the body is reduced.

e. Problem of glaucoma can be well-treated.

f. It helps in getting rid of fatty liver.

g. Anaemia can also be cured in an effective way.

h. Level of urea or creatinine is reduced and normalized.

i. Blood count is improved which in turn promotes good health of the overall body.

Mode of using
It is suggested to take 375 to 759 mgs of Punarnawadi Mandoor with honey two times in a day.

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