The basic meaning of the term Purana as per Indian language is old. It implies Baidyanath Purana Ghrita has been prepared using old Ghrita in its purest form. Hence it is quite useful and beneficial for the human body in multiple ways. It is particularly useful in case of respiratory system. Unquestionably, respiratory system is one of the most important systems of human body and hence its good health is vital to enjoy overall good health.

For what Purana Ghrita is used?

Well, Baidyanath Purana Ghrita is used in multiple ways as mentioned below.

  1. It helps in treatment as well as faster recovery from pneumonia. All the signs and symptoms of this problem are relieved effectively using Purana Ghrita.
  1. It is equally useful in case of bronchitis.
  1. The mucus and phlegm are cleared from the respiratory pathways for easy breathing.
  1. It may be used to get rid of common cold and cough as well.
  1. Allergic conditions of the respiratory system can also be well-treated using Purana Ghrita.

How to use?

For different types of health problems associated with the respiratory system, it is advised to massage the Purana Ghrita over the chest in a gentle manner. For best results, it is to be used regularly.


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