Rajahpravartini Bati

Rajahpravartini Bati

Menstrual cycles are quite important for women as these are directly related to the process of reproduction. Therefore all women should have the normal and regular menstrual cycles. However some women may suffer from numerous problems as far as menstrual cycles are concerned. This in turn interferes with reproduction as well as cast an ill-effect upon the overall health of women.

Rajahpravartini Bati which is a wonderful product from the store of Shree Baidyanath group may be used in this regard. It helps in regulation of menstrual cycles in a purely natural and safe way. It has been prepared by using herbal ingredients including Elwa, Borax, Hirabole, Kasis and Hing.

For what Rajahpravartini Bati may be used?

Rajahpravartini Bati may be used in case of amenorrhoea or dysmenorrhoea in women. Use of this product as per prescription helps in start of normal menstrual flow and also keeps it regulated.

It aids in removal of harmful wastes in the form of impure blood via bleeding through vagina. This action is beneficial for overall health of women.

It is equally effective in case of constipation as well.

How to use?

It is advisable to take 1 to 2 pills of Rajahpravartini Bati two times in a day continuously for seven days or as per prescription.

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