rohitkarishthPrepared by using Rohitak extracts as main active component, Baidyanath Rohitakarishta is a wonderful product from the store of Shree Baidyanath group. Under the supervision of experts, it has been very carefully prepared so as to benefit the users. All the constituents of this herbal product are purely natural and hence assured of their safety for overall health of the users.

Principal components

Besides Rohitak, this herbal product is rich in following constituents.

  • Triphala
  • Dhataki
  • Piplamool
  • ü Chavya
  • Chitrak
  • Jaggery
  • Rohitak
  • Pipal
  • Sonth
  • Trijat

What are the chief uses of Rohitakarishta?

  •  Baidyanath Rohitakarishta is an herbal tonic that offers complete nourishment to the entire body.
  • It regulates and normalizes functions of the liver and spleen.
  •  Various diseases and disorders related to the liver and spleen can be cured in an effective way using Rohitakarishta.
  •  It exhibits potent Haemostatic properties. This feature makes this product apt for promoting normal and most optimal functions of the blood.
  •  Baidyanath Rohitakarishta is absolutely safe and doesn’t cast any ill-effects on the vital organs of the body. It is all due to completely organic origin of this product.

 Recommendable dose

In most of the cases, 15to 30 ml of Rohitakarishta is advised to be taken with equal quantity of water.


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