Rumalaya Tablets

ruMillions of people across the globe suffer from orthopedic ailments that result in painful sensations in the joints and bones. They take different types of medicines few of which unfortunately result in side effects. That’s where the ayurvedic treatments help the sufferers in a big way.

Himalaya Herbals; the prominent Indian company has introduced Rumalaya Tablets that work wonders for treating joint pains and related diseases. Prepared with Drumstick (Shigru) and Indian Tinospora (Guduchi) these tablets are advantageous as follows:

  1. The anti-inflammatory properties of these tablets alleviate pain in fast manners.
  2. Our immune system is energized in a big way as far as its fight against aches and pain is concerned.
  3. Rumalaya Tablets are enriched with anti-arthritic features that discourage rheumatic arthritis in fast manners. Likewise rheumatoid arthritis is also got rid of with even use of these tablets.
  4. Those suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylosis must try Rumalaya tablets.
  5. Patients challenged with osteoarthritis are also benefited to much extent with these tablets that are helpful in getting rid of arthralgia.
  6. It acts like a strong fighter against gout too.
  7. Frozen shoulders are also managed in rapid manners.
  8. Disturbing inflammatory conditions including sciatica, myositis, tenosynovitis, capsulitis, synovitis, bursitis and fibrositis are also challenged in a big way with Rumalaya tablets.
  9. Contents of organic components in these tablets do not harm in any adverse manners.

Usage – Physician may be consulted for taking these tablets.

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