Sankh Bati

Sankh Bati


As the name suggests, Baidyanath Sankh Bati is rich in the powdered form of pure sea-shells or shankh. That is why it is quite useful for numerous issues related to the digestive system. Along with shankh bhasma, it is also rich in some other herbal or naturally occurring ingredients that are found to be effective and beneficial in treatment and prevention of certain health issues. The chief benefits offered by this wonderful herbal remedy are as follows.

It is a very good naturally occurring stomachic and hence stimulates normal and most optimal functions of the stomach.

It soothes down any irritation or inflammation in the stomach that may be caused due to gas, acidity etc. This is attributed to carminative effect shown by the active constituents of this remedy.

People suffering indigestion more often may use this herbal formula and enhance their digestive powers.

Intestinal colic can be got ridden of instantly using this herbal cure.

Common digestive issues such as flatulence, belching of the stomach, heaviness of the stomach etc. can be managed efficiently.

What are the constituting agents?

Baidyanath Sankh Bati contains below-mentioned herbal constituents.

Shankh bhasma




Shankh Bhasma




Mode of administration

Take 1 to 2 pills of this herbal formula following meals to get rid of various digestive issues.

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