SAPTAMRIT LAUHRich in some of the most excellent herbal constituents including Lauh Bhasma and Triphala, Baidyanath SAPTAMRIT LAUH is an ayurvedic product that helps in supply of iron as well as other essential nutrients to the body. Since it is a rich source of iron therefore it is apt for those suffering from anaemia or such other health issues. It is equally useful for eyes as well as the digestive system.

Major benefits offered by SAPTAMRIT LAUH

i. Baidyanath SAPTAMRIT LAUH acts as a natural source of iron for the body. It is due to presence of lauh bhasma in this ayurvedic product. Hence it helps in getting rid of all the health problems that are mainly caused due to deficiency of iron in the body.

ii. It helps in getting rid of different types of eye disorders.

iii. Gastritis which is a common problem among large numbers of people can be well-treated.

iv. It also relieves abdominal colic that may be caused due to varying reasons.

v. It also offers effective relief from vomiting, abdominal bloating etc.

vi. It can be used to get rid of constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue in the body.

Mode of using

In most of the cases, 250 to 500 mg of SAPTAMRIT LAUH is advised to be taken once or twice in a day with milk, honey or ghee.


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