Saptavinshati Guggulu

Saptavinshati GugguluUsing an amalgamation of some of the most excellent herbal or naturally occurring ingredients, Baidyanath Saptavinshati Guggulu has been formulated. It is a very good product that is chiefly used to purify blood and the genito-urinary tract. That is why it is helpful in getting rid of numerous health problems associated with human body.

How is Saptavinshati Guggulu prepared?

Well, Baidyanath Saptavinshati Guggulu has been prepared using below mentioned constituents.

a. Trikatu
b. Vidanga
c. Guduchi
d. Triphala
e. Nagarmotha
f. Chitrak
g. Bilwa
h. Indrayan
i. Yavakshar
j. Pipalmoola
k. Chavya
l. Guggulu

Health-benefits offered by Saptavinshati Guggulu

a. Baidyanath Saptavinshati Guggulu helps in purification of the blood so as to promote good health of the body.
b. Piles and haemorrhoids can be treated very successfully and effectively.

c. Urinary tract infections can be treated as well as prevented using Saptavinshati Guggulu.

d. It can equally be used in the treatment of asthma, cough and other symptoms of respiratory diseases.

e. Fistula which is a severely painful condition associated with the anus is also treated in the most effective manner possible.

f. It can also be used to get rid of worms.

g. Stones in the urinary bladder are dissolved and removed from the body.

How to use?
In most of the cases, 2 tablets of Saptavinshati Guggulu are advised to be taken two times in a day.

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