Sariwadi bati

Sariwadi batiMental stress, tension, anxiousness and such other negative states are commonly found in large section of population in present day arena. It is all due to burdensome lifestyle and too much pressure on the mind in all walks of life. That is why physical as well as mental health of a person is affected to great extent in a negative way. To cope with all such issues and promote overall good health of the mind, Baidyanath Sariwadi bati is recommendable. It is an herbal formula that helps in keeping mind in good health in all respects.

How is Sariwadi bati prepared?

Baidyanath Sariwadi bati has been prepared using herbal constituents such as-

  1. Triphala
  2. Sariva
  3. Giloy
  4. Kut
  5. Laugh Bhasma
  6. Chaturjat
  7. Nilofar

How is it useful?

Sariwadi bati offers complete nourishment to the mind for its normal and most optimal functions.

  1. It helps in improving mental capacity.
  2. It is rich in antiseptic properties as well and hence aids in curing minor injuries and wounds.
  3. It is a very good nervine tonic that aids in making nerves strong.
  4. It is apt for those who suffer from deafness.
  5. Nervous weakness is managed well.
Mode of using
Take 1 to 2 pills two times in a day for most excellent outcomes.


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