Sarpagandha Tab

Sarpagandha Tab

Problem of high blood pressure is quite common and natural in old age. Also elderly people find difficulty in sleeping due to changes taking place in their body. All these problems are equally faced by middle aged as well as younger generation due to ever-increasing work load and wrong lifestyle. To cope up with all such health issues, Baidyanath Sarpagandha Tab may be used. It is a very good as well as safe product for high blood pressure and insomnia.

How is Sarpagandha Tab prepared?

Sarpagandha Tab has prepared by using Rauwolfia Serpentina as its chief constituting agent. It is due to presence of such medicinal properties in this ingredient that help in inducing sleep in a natural way. At the same time, it aids in lowering high blood pressure.

How to use Sarpagandha Tab?

Mostly, 1-2 tablets of this herbal product are recommendable to be taken with water.

How is Sarpagandha Tab beneficial?

Sarpagandha Tab is rich in sedative properties. It means it helps in inducing sleep in a natural and safe way.

It helps in relaxing mind so as to release any stress and tension from it.

It aids in lowering down the blood pressure and at the same time regulates the same. It keeps a check over blood pressure to avoid any complications.

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