Sarwajwahar Lauh

Sarwajwahar LauhWith seasonal changes, certain types of fevers such as malaria and dengue are common. These are mainly caused due to microbial attack on the body and result in deterioration of the health of the patient. Such health issues may even prove to be fatal in case these are not diagnosed and treated well-in-time. Keeping in mind the same fact, Shree Baidyanath group has made available an amazing herbal remedy called as Baidyanath Sarwajwahar Lauh. It is equally effective in getting rid of some other problems too.

What it contains?

Baidyanath Sarwajwahar Lauh contains multiple ingredients such as Chitrak mool , Vidang, Trikatu , Triphala, pipalmool etc.

What are the important benefits of Sarwajwahar Lauh?

a. Baidyanath Sarwajwahar Lauh exhibits alterative action and hence aids in faster recovery from different types of health problems. It is due to the reason this herbal formula helps in redirecting the course of any illness which in turn paces up the recovery process.

b. It is rich in antiseptic properties and hence useful in healing of minor cuts or wounds.
c. It is very much effective in the successful treatment as well as prevention of intermittent fever.
d. Malaria which is a serious and infectious health condition can be treated in an efficient way using Sarwajwahar Lauh. It also offers relief from its signs and symptoms. At the same time, further complications associated with this health problem can also be prevented.

Recommendable dose

Usually, 375 to 750 mgs of Sarwajwahar Lauh is advised to be taken with honey.

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