Saubhagya bati

The period after child birth as is crucial for any women as is the pregnancy or delivery of the child. It is because women have to recover from physical weakness caused due to pregnancy and delivery as well as take care of the newborn. To make available the requisite supplements to the body, women are advised to take Baidyanath Saubhagya bati that is rich in multiple ayurvedic constituents.

What it contains?

Saubhagya bati is rich in Abhrak Bhasma, Clove, Kajjali , Laugh Bhasma, Trikatu, Triphla , Jirak etc.


Baidyanath Saubhagya bati may be used as an alterative tonic for faster recovery from any types of illness.

It is a very good tonic for the overall body health.

  • It may be used by new mothers after child birth. It supplies all the essential nutrients and supplements required by the body.
  • It is apt in treatment and prevention of any types of diseases or disorders during post natal period.
  • It may be used in case of puerperal diseases as well.

How to use Saubhagya bati?

Mostly 1 to 2 pills of Saubhagya bati are recommendable to be taken two times in a day with honey. In case, you have some serious health issues, an expert may be consulted.

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