Septilin Tablets

septilin-tabletsInfection is the mother of various diseases for which we take different types of medicines. One should be careful about the ingredients and preparation methods of the particular medicine. Packed in bottles of sixty capsules each, Septilin Tablets work wonders.

Ingredients – Septilin Tablets consist of the following components:

  1. Licorice, i.e. Yashtimadhu – This expectorant and antiviral agent helps in getting rid of bronchitis, cough and asthma. It acts like a strong immune modulator.
  2. Indian Bdellium, i.e. Guggulu – Enriched with anti-inflammatory features, it promotes overall health.
  3. Tinospora Gulancha, i.e. Guduchi – It is a great antibodies enhancer and promotes our resistance to infections.

Benefits – Septilin Tablets, one of the best products of Himalaya are advantageous as under:

  1. These tablets strengthen our immune system in a big way as far fight against infections is concerned. Body’s own defense mechanism is powered in a vigorous manner.
  2. Pathogens if any are removed with these tablets that are prepared with organic ingredients. Old chronic diseases are discouraged to much extent with this medicine.
  3. The antipyretic features of these tablets help in fighting fever. Chronic bronchitis and mucous membrane inflammation of the respiratory tract is fought in effective manners with Septilin Tablets. Postoperative conditions are managed in quick manners.

Note – Septilin is available in the form of syrup too.

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