Serpina Tablets

serpinaA large section of the society is challenged with high blood pressure that sometimes leads to complications. If not cared for in the beginning it may become fatal. Different types of traditional medicines are available. But few of them may cause side effects.

Himalaya Herbals has facilitated Serpina Tablets for mild to moderate hypertension. It is prepared with Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina) as the single-ingredient. Sarpagandha stands for “smells like a serpent”. It fights high blood pressure in even manners. This drug is able to bring down the adrenergic tone and fight anxiety that is much beneficial for the depressed people.

Benefits – Serpina Tablets are advantageous as under:

  1. Those suffering from mild to moderate hypertension are benefited with this medicine that does not create any side effects.
  2. Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina), the pungent smelling herb acts like a strong anti-hypertensive. It is considered as a powerful fighter against cardiac output.
  3. Serpina is one of the best natural anti-hypertensive drugs.
  4. Prepared with the organic ingredient; this medicine treats the patients in natural manners.

Dosage – Physician may be consulted for taking these tablets.

Packing – Serpina Tablets are available in packs of 100 each.

Storage – Must be stored in cool and dry place away from children.

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