ShallakiShallaki, which is also called as Boswellia Serrata in botanical science, is a wonderful herb for the health of the joints. At the same time, it is also helpful in controlling high cholesterol levels in the body. Owing to same reason, Himalaya pharmaceuticals have used this herb to prepare Himalaya Shallaki capsules. It is a wonderful product that may be used by anyone suffering from joint pain or any other problems related to the joints.

Chief benefits of Himalaya Shallaki

  1. Shallaki helps in promoting good health of the joints in a natural way.
  2. It helps in offering great relief from pain in the joints.
  3. The inflammation or swelling in the joints is reduced to offer great relief to the sufferer.
  4. The extent of movement of joints is also increased considerably.
  5. Shallaki is good for the digestive system as well. It helps in treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers and other issues related to the digestive system.
  6. It is also helpful in management of the problem of cholesterol and hence good for the heart too.
  7. Shallaki also helps in increasing natural body immunity thereby supports normal health of the entire body.
  8. Body weight can also be reduced successfully with the help of Shallaki.


Take one capsule of Shallaki two times in a day following meals on regular basis.

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