Shankh Bhasma

Shankh Bhasma

The benefits of conch shells as far as health of human beings is concerned are known to all. That is why Shree Baidyanath group has used the powdered form of conch shells to formulate the wonderful herbal formula known as Shankh Bhasma. It is rich in all the properties or compounds that are found in pure shells. Hence it is apt in promoting the overall health of the users in all respects and that too in a safe way.

How is Shankh Bhasma beneficial?

Baidyanath Shankh Bhasma acts as a carminative and hence helps in soothing down the acidity, gaseousness or other such discomforts that are mainly caused due to indigestion.

It exhibits analgesic properties and hence helps in relieving pain in the stomach that may be caused due to any reasons.

It can be used in case of colic as well.

It acts as an anti-periodic. It implies that the recurrence of symptoms of the various health issues is prevented with the use of this herbal remedy.

  1. Tympanites which is a condition under which the abdomen suffers from swelling due to filling of air or gas is also relieved in an efficient way.
How to use?

It is advised to take 250 to 750 mgs of Shankh bhama with honey.

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