Himalaya-Shatavari-CapsulesThe basic meaning of Shatavari is ‘one who possesses several husbands’. This statement indicates towards capacity of a woman to reproduce. Shatavari is a very good tonic for the female sexual and reproductive system. It supports normal fertility or reproductive process in women. It supports and promotes good reproductive health. Keeping in mind the same fact, it has been converted into the form of Shatavari capsules by Himalaya herbals for convenience of the users. Other name used to denote Shatavari is Asparagus.

How is Shatavari beneficial?

  • Himalaya Shatavari acts as a wonderful tonic for the entire body of the females.
  • It supports normal reproductive process.
  • It aids in normalizing the hormonal balance in the body.
  • It also promotes normal lactation.It is quite helpful in relieving the signs and symptoms associated with menopause.
  • Any discomfort caused due to menstrual cycles is also relieved in an efficient manner with the help of Shatavari.
  • It also acts as a very good aphrodisiac and hence increases sexual desire in women.
  • It offers nourishment to the entire reproductive system so as to ensure normal conception and delivery of the baby.


Women suffering from any sexual or reproductive issues may take a capsule of Shatavari two times in a day with meals. Use it till you are completely well in all respects.

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