Shilajitwadi Bati (with gold)

Shilajitwadi Bati (with gold)Among various products that are presented by the Shree Baidyanath group, Shilajitwadi Bati (with gold) is one of the most wonderful and effective products. The chief constituent of this herbal formula i.e. Shilajit is known for its positive impact on the overall body strength and vigour. Hence this product can be used by those who may complain of physical weakness, tiredness and exhaustion more often. It is similar to the Shilajitwadi Bati with added benefits of pure gold.

What are the major constituents?

Similar to Shilajitwadi Bati, it is also rich in Trivanga Bhasma ,Neem Leaves,Gurmar, Shilajeet as well as pure gold in traces.

What are the major uses?

Shilajitwadi Bati (with gold) is an excellent tonic that is efficient in promoting overall health of the body in a positive way. It is due to complete and deep nourishment provided to all the body parts and organs with the help of natural ingredients contained in this herbal remedy.

  1. It also aids in faster recovery from certain health issues due to alterative action exhibited by the wonderful components of this amazing product.
  2. Due to diuretic action, it aids in excretion of wastes out of the body through urine. This in turn helps in keeping body free of any wastes or harmful toxins.
  3. It aids in normalization and regulation of blood flow to all the body parts and organs due to Vasodialator properties contained in this formula.  

Generally, 1 gram of the Shilajitwadi Bati (with gold) is recommendable in a day.

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