Shothari mandoor

Shothari mandoorEnriched with the goodness of calx i.e. iron oxide, Baidyanath Shothari Mandoor has been especially formulated and developed to treat and prevent inflammatory conditions relevant to the human body. Since it is rich in iron content therefore it is helpful in promoting normal and most optimal blood functions. General body weakness that is chiefly caused due to deficiency of iron in the body may be well-treated using this wonderful herbal remedy.

Constituting agents
Baidyanath Shothari mandoor is rich in Mandoor Bhasma, Triphala, Trikatu and chavya. All these help in supporting normal functions of the entire body in the most excellent manner possible.

How is Shothari mandoor useful?

a. Baidyanath Shothari mandoor is rich in iron and hence supplies adequate amount of this important mineral to the body. As a result, numerous blood disorders are treated automatically.

b. It is very good remedy for edema and inflammatory conditions associated with the human body.

c. Any types of swelling in the body can also be well-treated and ultimately got ridden of.
d. It stimulates digestive system for normal functions. This in turn aids in normal and proper digestion of all the foods consumed by the body.
How to use?
It is advised to take 375 to 750 mgs of Shothari mandoor with honey.

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