Shukramatrika Bati

Shukramatrika BatiThe basic meaning of term ‘Shukra’ is ‘male sperms’ and hence Shukramatrika Bati from the store of Baidyanath group is chiefly meant to increase sperm count in men. It is apt in dealing with all types of issues related to the sexual life of men that may be caused due to any reasons. In this respect, this herbal product proves to be of great importance for men of all ages. It has been prepared using below mentioned natural or herbal constituents.

  1. Tejpatra
  2. Triphala
  3. Laugh Bhasma
  4. Gokshuru
  5. Ela
  6. Kajjali

How is Shukramatrika Bati useful?

Baidyanath Shukramatrika Bati acts as an aphrodisiac and hence helps in increasing sexual desire in men.

It is apt for such men who lack sexual drive.

Men can improve their performance during sexual activity by using this wonderful herbal remedy.

It is equally useful in case of Supermatorrhoea.

It helps in increasing sperm count in male semen which in turn allows them to contribute in reproduction.

Men suffering from sexual weakness due to any reasons may use this product and strengthen their sexual organs as well as stamina.

It is also useful in getting rid of the problem of nocturnal emissions.  

Mode of using  

Men suffering from varying sexual issues are advised to take 1 pill of Shukramatrika Bati twice in a day once in the morning and once in the evening.

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