Singhnad Guggulu

Singhnad GugguluBaidyanath Singhnad Guggulu is a magical product that is apt in the treatment and prevention of diseases or disorders related to various parts and organs of the human body. It is all due to presence of multiple health-beneficial properties in the wonderful natural ingredients contained in this herbal formula. That is why it is used extensively to get rid of numerous health issues.

What are the major ingredients?

Baidyanath Singhnad Guggulu is rich in castor oil, guggulu, triphala, sulphur etc.

How is Singhnad Guggulu useful for human body?

i. Singhnad Guggulu is good for the digestive system and hence promotes its normal functions.

ii. It aids in proper digestion of the all foods consumed by the body.

iii. It offers effective relief from rheumatism and the associated symptoms.

iv. It aids in detoxification of the blood, joints and the entire body.

v. Gout can be treated well.

vi. It lowers down high cholesterol level.

vii. It has soothing effect on the joints which in turn alleviates and ultimately helps in getting rid of the same.

viii. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in Singhnad Guggulu help in soothing down any types of inflammation in the body.

How to use?

You may take 1-2 tablets of Singhnad Guggulu following meals two times in a day.

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