The health benefits of sunthi or ginger are known to all. It is quite helpful in digestion as well as for the overall health of the entire body. Sunthi capsules from Himalaya pharmaceuticals are loaded with the goodness of the original ginger herb which is also commonly referred to as Zingiber Officinale in ayurvedic language. That is why this herbal product is quite popular among large section of the population.

What are the chief uses of Himalaya Sunthi?

  1. Himalaya Sunthi is used to get rid of numbers of digestive issues such as indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, gaseousness etc.
  2. It is equally beneficial for the arthritis patients as it helps in getting rid of pain and other symptoms of the condition.
  3. Similarly, signs and symptoms of gout are also got ridden of using this wonderful herbal medicine.
  4. The diuretic action of Sunthi helps in keeping the urinary tract and the kidneys in their normal working order.
  5. The blood pressure is also lowered and normalized using Sunthi capsules.
  6. It also supplies sufficient amount of iron to the body so that people suffering from anemia may recover from this condition at fast pace.
  7. It is beneficial in weight loss as well.


You may take a capsule of Sunthi two times in a day following meals. Use it regularly to have the best results.

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