Swapandosh hari

Swapandosh hariPresented by Shree Baidyanath group, Swapandosh hari is an amazing product for such men who suffer from the problem of night fall. The basic meaning of Swapandosh is ‘night fall or nocturnal emissions’ while hari means ‘one that relieves or helps in getting rid of something’. Therefore Swapandosh hari helps in getting rid of the condition called as night fall. The major components of this wonderful herbal preparation are Piper Longam, Phyl, Zingiber Officinalis, Piper Nigrum etc. All these are being used since times unknown to cure various issues related to the sexual life of a person.

Why should you use Swapandoshhari?

  1. Men suffering from night fall, Spermatorrhoea or nocturnal emissions may use this product and get rid of their problem for good.
  2. It helps in enhancing sexual desire in men so that they may perform well during sexual intercourse.
  3. It is also useful for such men who suffer from sexual weakness due to any reasons. Men can retain their youthful stamina and vigour using this product and get complete satisfaction during sexual activity.
  4. Various sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are also managed well.

Recommendable dose

Men suffering from various sexual issues may take two tablets of Swapandosh hari two times in a day.

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