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Swarn Mahayograj Guggulu

Swarn Mahayograj GugguluAs the name suggests, Baidyanath Swarn Mahayograj Guggulu contains swarna bhasma that is found to be quite effective in the treatment of various health issues. It is particularly beneficial in the treatment of back pain and other neuromuscular conditions that are common these days. It has been enriched with the goodness of some of the most excellent herbal ingredients found in the Mother Nature and hence totally safe.

What does it contain?

Baidyanath Swarn Mahayograj Guggulu contains ginger, piper longum, pippali and pippalimola along with Swarn Bhasma.

What are the chief uses?

i. Baidyanath Swarn Mahayograj Guggulu is an efficient product for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. All the signs and symptoms of this condition are relieved well.

ii. It is beneficial in case of low back pain.

iii. Different types of neuromuscular conditions can be well-treated using this fantastic herbal remedy.

iv. The muscles and bones are nourished well for their good health and most optimal functions.

v. It provides strength to the muscular system.

vi. Problem of lumbar spondylosis can be treated effectively. It offers great relief from signs and symptoms of this condition.

How to use?

Usually, 1-2 tablets of Swarn Mahayograj Guggulu are recommended to be taken once or twice in a day or as per prescription of the healthcare physician.

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