Himalaya Tagara capsules are recommendable for those who suffer from mental stress, tension, anxiety and the problem of sleeplessness. These capsules have been prepared from the herb called as Indian Valerian. It is efficient in calming down the nerves of the brain so as to induce sleep naturally. This product is assured of its safety for overall health of the users owing to its ayurvedic or herbal nature.


  1. Himalaya Tagara capsules are good for the mental health of human beings.
  2. Stress, tension, anxiousness and other mental states are relieved and calmed down effectively using this wonderful product.
  3. It acts as a mild sedative and hence induces sleep. As a result, problem of insomnia is dealt with in an automatic way.
  4. It acts as a wonderful nervine tonic for the brain and hence improves memory, concentration and overall efficiency of the brain.
  5. It also helps in offering great relief from heart palpitations.
  6. Tremors, trembling due to nervous weakness and headaches of any types are also well-treated using this wonderful product.
  7. Motor coordination is also improved with the regular use of Himalaya Tagara.

How to use?

Take one capsule of Tagara two times in a day following meals.

Himalaya Tagara is a safe product and hence can be used to ensure overall mental well-being.


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