Talekt Capsules

talektTalekt Capsules from Himalaya herbals are useful in case of different types of skin issues or skin disorders that are suffered by people in routine life. These capsules have solely been prepared from naturally occurring ingredients for benefit of the users. It has been done to protect body against any types of side-effects or ill-effects which are otherwise caused due to use of other types of medicines.

Active constituents

Neem and Haridra are the two chief constituents of this herbal formula.

How is Talekt useful? 

  • Himalaya Talekt capsules are recommendable for various types of skin problems that may be common or serious in nature.
  • These are used to treat disorders of the sebaceous glands.
  • Infections caused on the skin due to bacterial attack are treated well.
  • Other types of infective skin issues are also got ridden of very well.
  • Any types of allergies on the skin may be soothed down effectively.
  • Psoriasis and the signs and symptoms associated with this condition are treated completely.
  • Infections caused on the skin due to parasitical attack are eradicated effectively.
  • It improves overall body immunity to prevent recurrence of infections on the skin
  • It treats Seborrhea, acne and Rosacea very well.


Generally, two capsules are recommendable. For best results, consult with skin care expert.

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