Talekt syrup

Talekt syrupHimalaya Talekt syrup has been formulated keeping in mind the unique skin care needs of millions of people worldwide. It is a very good product for those who suffer from skin infections, allergies or other issues more often. Since it is available in the form of a syrup therefore it acts fast to offer relief from different types of skin problems.

Key ingredients

It is rich in neem and haldi both of which exhibit multiple properties beneficial for the skin.

How is Talekt syrup beneficial?

  1. It is a complete derma care product.
  2. It detoxifies the blood so as to get rid of infectious and allergic substances and microbes.
  • It soothes itching and irritation triggered due to certain infections or allergies.
  1. It treats as well as prevents recurrence of different types of skin issues.
  2. It exhibits strong antimicrobial, anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties all of which are beneficial for the skin in their unique ways.
  3. It treats and prevents occurrence of acne vulgaris as well as rosacea on the skin.
  • It is equally useful in the treatment of ringworm and Candidiasis. The latter is a fungal infection triggered by the yeast.
  • Similarly, other skin diseases such as Scabies, Pediculosis (lice infestation) and Psoriasis are cured very well.


As stated above, Talekt syrup is used for multiple skin issues therefore it is advisable to consult your physician before taking this herbal remedy.

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