Talishadi Churna

Talishadi ChurnaAs the name suggests, Baidyanath Talishadi Churna has been prepared using Talishpatra as its major active ingredient. Additionally, some other components have also been used to make it an apt formula for treatment and prevention of health problems related to different body parts. Other important components of this wonderful herbal remedy include Banshlochan, Ela, Dalchini, Trikatu and Sugar. All these ingredients help in promoting general body health in their own unique ways.

What are the major benefits of using Talishadi Churna?

Baidyanath Talishadi Churna offers effective relief from constipation due to its laxative action.

It also acts as a stimulant for the entire body so as to optimize its functions naturally.

It helps in expulsion of phlegm and mucus from the respiratory system due to its expectorant action.

It can be used to treat chronic fever in an efficient way.

People suffering from loss of appetite may use this churna and improve their appetite.

It is quite useful in case of bronchitis.

It may be used to treat the problem of dyspepsia.

Anyone may recover from certain types of health problems due to its alterative action.  

Mode of using Talishadi Churna 

Generally, 3 gm of Talishadi Churna is prescribed to be taken with honey to have the desired outcomes.

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