Tentex Forte

Tentex ForteDue to wrong diet and lifestyle or even some other reasons, large numbers of men may be seen suffering from numerous issues related with the sexual and reproductive system. In some cases, there is complete lack of desire in men which results in disappointment and dissatisfaction on the part of two sex partners. Such men may use a safe and herbal formula called as Himalaya Tentex Forte. It is an amalgamation of wonderful herbs or natural ingredients found in the nature that help in enhancing sexual desire in men naturally.

What it contains?

Himalaya Tentex Forte is rich in two chief herbal ingredients Shilajeet and Winter Cherry. Additionally, Cowhage has also been used in its preparation.

Chief benefits of using Tentex Forte

  • It helps in improving sexual performance in men by stimulating them appropriately for the actual intercourse.
  • It helps in releasing mental stress which interferes with normal sexual activity.
  • It treats sexual dysfunction in men.
  • It maintains hormonal balance in the body so as to allow men to give their best performance during sexual activity.
  • It strengthens the penis so that it may perform its function well.


You may take 2 tablets of this herbal remedy twice in a day continuously for a month or more. The dose may be reduced afterwards.

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